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    We're building the next generation, high growth economy for Montana and beyond.

    With our network of rural development experts and SMB advisors, we stand ready to provide guidance on all aspects of startups, financing, and operations. VGCG specialties include Opportunity Zones, legal cannabis, and other startup operations.

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  • About

    Vision Growth Capital Group, LLC (VGCG) is a Montana-based business advisory services company committed to helping investors, project developers, entrepreneurs, and communities take full advantage of new industry growth and associated tax incentives. We are based out of Helena, MT with professional relationships across the state and nation. VGCG is focused on developing a portfolio of impact investments across Montana as active partners with all stakeholder groups in areas not typically served by venture capital or other sources of non-traditional financing.

  • Our Partners

    Economic Innovation Group
    First Security Bank of Helena